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Have a Green Halloween

pumpkinOrange and black may be the traditional colors of Halloween, but this year the Virginia Zoo is encouraging everyone to “go green,” too.  It’s easy to have an environmentally friendly Halloween by taking even one or two of the following steps.

  • Reusable Trick or Treat bags – Plastic bags don’t break down in landfills, and they also often end up in our waterways and harm sea animals.  Instead, consider using a reusable canvas bag, bucket or that traditional favorite, a pillowcase.
  • Make your own costume – Scour thrift stores and your own closet to make a costume from existing items instead of buying something new that you probably will throw away after Halloween.
  • Use make up – Instead of buying a disposable mask made from plastic, consider having fun with face paint and make up to create a unique appearance (just make sure the make up is palm oil free!).
  • Pick eco-friendly candy – Select candy with minimal packaging or chose organic products that have been produced in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Skip the candy – Consider handing out practical trinkets and gifts that won’t create added waste, such as pencils and erasers.
  • Don’t litter – Remind the kids to properly dispose of their candy wrappers in trash cans.  Don’t let them drop wrappers outside.
  • Use kid power – Instead of traditional battery-powered flashlights, consider using the wind up lights.  The kids will have fun, and you won’t have to worry about disposing of batteries later.
  • Compost – After the holiday is over, compost your jack-o-lanterns and bio-degradable decorations such as leaves and straw.

At the Virginia Zoo, we have made the commitment to use palm oil free products for most of the candy we are distributing (click here for more information).  We also have partnered with Green Halloween® to secure organic and environmentally friendly snacks and treats.  For more information about Green Halloween ®, visit www.GreenHalloween.org.

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